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May 24 2016


Circumstances In Which A Roanoke Litigation And Trial Lawyer Could Provide Assistance

In Virginia, strict laws apply to the commercial property maintenance, traffic violations, and criminal drug infractions. Each of these occurrences could lead to serious penalties for the defendant. The individual facing these circumstances needs a clear solution to prevent a financial loss or imprisonment. A Roanoke Traffic Lawyer could provide clarity for these cases.

Understanding Premise's Liabilities

A premise's liability exists when the property owner doesn't maintain the property effectively and causes injuries. These events could include a slip and fall or the results of negligence. The victim of these circumstances has the right to file a formal claim against the owner. Under applicable laws, the victim has this right due to a failure to provide a duty by the property owner. These laws state that the owner must keep the structure safe before allowing anyone inside. A Roanoke Litigation and Trial Lawyer helps victims of premise's liabilities.

Fighting a Traffic Violation

Any driver facing a traffic violation has the right to seek counsel. This includes violations such as speeding, no insurance, and reckless driving. The attorney evaluates the circumstances in which the citation was provided by law enforcement. This could include trees or shrubbery that make a speed limit sign less visible. It could also include hazardous road conditions that made it difficult for the driver to maintain control over the automobile. A Roanoke VA Traffic Lawyer helps these drivers build a viable defense to avoid these penalties.

Possession of Marijuana Charges

In the state of Virginia, it is unlawful for any party to be in possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances. The classification applied to the substance by the state of Virginia determines the severity of the criminal charge. This includes additional provisions based on the quantity of the drug in the defendant's possession.

Roanoke criminal defense lawyer

Under Virginia laws, the possession of marijuana under the amount of one half ounce is a misdemeanor charge. The first offense incurs a jail sentence of up to thirty days. The fine for this charge is $500. However, any additional possession of marijuana in this amount incurs one year in prison and a fine of $2,500.

In Virginia, local residents may find themselves facing unwanted circumstances. These circumstances are attributed to a violation of state laws. Individuals facing criminal charges or civil penalties must act quickly to prevent major life changes. These individuals should hire a Attorney to represent them in their case right now.

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